Professional Speaker

Michael speaks from a place of deep learning, practical experience and, above all, passion for his subject

An award-winning speaker, Michael reaches parts other presenters cannot reach – quite literally! You won’t find many more deeply read experts in the field of emotional intelligence. But it is his ability to enable people to put intellectual understanding into practice that really differentiates him—enabling them to overcome the knowing-doing gap. By tapping into his own military and corporate experience, and integrating insights arising from thousands of hours of mindfulness practice, he has created a melting pot of big, brave, challenging ideas which he comfortably shares in an easy to digest way. He’s as comfortable on a stage speaking to 500 delegates as he is with a small group of highly intelligent and successful CEOs.

“I attended a talk by Michael on Emotional Intelligence. He talked for over an hour without notes, constantly engaging and challenging the thought process of the audience. Michael was one of the most intelligent and articulate speakers I have had the pleasure to listen to. What Michael did not see was that all the waiting on and bar staff stood behind him were absolutely riveted by his every word. Never seen a speaker do that before!”

Rob Downham

Managing Director, Reward Health

“Michael is a thought provoking and “thought challenging” speaker. His session was a triumph! Not only does he have the capacity to get you to take an objective view of your own leadership capability, he also is skilled at providing anecdotal and scientific back up as to why leaders behave in certain ways. He then goes on to challenge your thought process as to how you must develop a leadership skill or behaviour and in turn reflect on the internal impact it will have on you as well as the impact on others. Michael is a proficient and experienced speaker – able to hold a room with great skill whilst keeping people thoroughly engaged. Also – an all-round nice chap!”

Karen Tracey

Executive Coach & Leadership Specialist, Dunelm Business Consultants

“If there was ever, in my seven and a half years of experience with the Academy, a workshop or a speech that hit the nail on the head of self-actualisation, it was today. I found Michael’s talk absolutely inspiring. I found the take-away value enormous and I found the content brilliant, the involvement excellent and the inspiration wonderful.”

Joe Adams

Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives Group 11

“I have had the privilege of listening to many world class speakers in my twelve years of Vistage membership. Michael is certainly up there with the best of them. The presentation on decision making was first class, providing an insight into the influence of intuition on good judgement. Michael’s participative style engages his audience from the start and makes for a great learning experience.”

Stephen Bagnall

Group Managing Director, Bagnalls

“From the moment Michael walks onto a stage you know that as a corporate presenter and educator he is at the top of his game. Delighting audiences with his witty charm and insightful content he will challenge the way you think and provide strategies that are beneficial to companies and individuals alike. Thanks to Michael my results have amplified considerably and far exceeded my expectations.”

Martin Vidakovic

Director, Lifetime Achievements, Australia

“Michael has provided exceptional inspiration and insight through his speaker sessions on our Great 200 Leaders Programme. Even some of the most difficult to please delegates have enjoyed his practical approach to the improvement of their leadership skills! Michael’s work draws upon a compelling range of perspectives from the disciplines of science, philosophy and psychology to bring rigour and depth to the study of modern Leadership.”

Becky Orson

Consultant , Winning Moves Limited

“He was exceptional in communicating and interacting with the group, keeping an interesting and challenging pace and his depth and breadth of knowledge, authenticity and ability to create excellent examples to illustrate quite complex points using a range of styles was superb. I would recommend Michael with no hesitation; he is an advanced practitioner.”

Julie Kaya

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Diamond Light Source

“I have attended a few events intended to help the audience develop leadership skills, and I have often come away, as I did from Michael’s event, inspired and full of intent. However, to date I have failed to transfer my learnings back in the workplace when the pressure was on. When I left Michael’s seminar though, I knew that I “got it”. I felt my whole mindset shift. The simplicity and actionability of what he shared was incredible (and quite liberating!). Michael was one of the most intriguing, captivating and empowering speakers I have seen.”

Debs Secker

Director, Databuild Research and Solutions Limited

“Michael had one hour but I would have gladly sat and listened to him for many, many more. His speech was absolutely flawless and exceedingly intelligent. He challenged me to think deeply about the topic he was clearly an expert in (leadership). I dearly hope that I get the opportunity to work with, hire or at the very least listen to Michael again.”

Chris Downham

Co-Founder, F1se Yoga