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Thought Leadership, but Practical in Application

At the heart of each individual’s effectiveness in business is their impact on others. The degree to which one has the capacity to capture other people’s attention and to influence them in authentic and ethical ways for the creation of maximum value is possibly the most powerful determinant of who thrives. It gets to the essence of why EI is so important and what determines the effectiveness of a person’s leadership.

EI is today’s differentiator and tomorrow’s norm: Michael helps his clients to get ahead of the game. His ongoing goal is to unscramble and consolidate the many diverse and complex ideas around this topic, delivering them in ways that enable those he works with to clearly grasp their relevance. He has helped many people to address the most consistent problem at the heart of any personal development: to turn understanding into practice. This requires that they are challenged to see things in new ways – to develop a new version of “truth” – which leads them to make new choices and adopt new behaviours.

This is the only really effective way of improving leadership performance.


Built around one central philosophy: that everybody has far more potential than they have demonstrated to date.


Delivered from a position of experience and passion: real world, memorable workshops with options for continued and actionable learning support after the event.


 Big, brave, challenging sessions that are thought provoking, engaging and inspirational.


Levering high level consulting experience and EI skills to facilitate board level strategy development and decision making. 

Changing behaviour is less a matter of giving people analysis to influence their thoughts than helping them to see a truth to influence their feelings.

John Kotter and Dan Cohen

Authors, "The Heart of Change"

Michael seeks to differentiate his work through his ability to facilitate real changes in behaviour by integrating his extensive experiential knowledge with the findings of modern psychological and leadership research. A chartered engineer by training, everything that he does has a solid foundation in logical, scientific thinking, ensuring that there is “hard science” behind the ”soft skills” that he teaches. This enables him to both bring predictability to the seeming irrationality of human relationships and to offer highly effective and individualised approaches to the achievement of high performance.

Whether at the level of board room dynamics, or in accelerating the uptake of pragmatic leadership skills by middle managers, Michael is an ideal catalyst for anything revolving around EI.

I attended a talk by Michael on Emotional Intelligence. He talked for over an hour without notes, constantly engaging and challenging the thought process of the audience. Michael was one of the most intelligent and articulate speakers I have had the pleasure to listen to. What Michael did not see was that all the waiting on and bar staff stood behind him were absolutely riveted by his every word. Never seen a speaker do that before!

Rob Downham

Managing Director, Reward Health