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Lead with Emotional Intelligence

How to Master the Complexity, Ambiguity and Urgency of a World in Flux


These are increasingly challenging times for leaders, not only for those in executive positions, but at all organisational levels. We are all faced with growing complexity and ambiguity in our operating environments, which is transforming some of the core principles of effective leadership. Furthermore, these changes are happening at a previously unseen pace, driving volatility to new heights. This is forcing even the best leaders to work with uncertainty on an ongoing basis, rather than being able treat unknowns as temporary or finding ways to remove them.

To improve complex decision making and build engagement, there is no doubt that most organisations need more and better leaders, at every level.


This programme is unusual in that it isn’t so much about giving information, but rather it aims to facilitate transformation, enabling participants to make profound and lasting changes.

Quite a lot is know about how Emotionally Intelligent leadership can help to solve this problem, but training to develop leaders’ capabilities in this area generally lags well behind. This programme addresses this gap.

At the heart of the programme is the development of meta-skills. There are higher order thinking capabilities which play important roles in many other skills, such as the ability to take different perspectives, self-awareness, empathy and – the one that underpins the development of all of the others – the ability to focus attention with intention. All such meta-skills are inner capabilities of mindset, and can only be improved using an inside out approach (as described earlier). In this way, the programme delivers a very broad range of benefits across a wide range of functions or capabilities. Specific content includes:

  • Examination of the qualities of the most powerfully transformational leaders
  • How social perceptions are formed, and the implications this has for anyone in their interactions with others
  • The key capabilities needed to make effective decisions, especially in uncertain situations
  • The potential to transform organisational and individual performance through mindfulness.


The benefits that can be expected are extensive, because of the focus on meta-skills, and are likely to include:

  • Confident knowledge about how to focus personal development to improve leadership
  • Dramatic improvements in self-awareness
  • An embodied understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and how to build it
  • A heightened ability to handle complexity effectively
  • Clarity on the principles for achieving high levels of employee engagement.

This is an extremely comprehensive programme with many additional aspects not covered here. Please contact Michael for further information.

3 Days of Workshops and a 4-month Integration Programme