Leadership Workshops

Emotional Intelligence: from Theory to Practice

Applying Hard Science to Mastering the “Soft Skills” of Transformational Relationships


There is increasing evidence that the degree to which we can capture other people’s attention and influence them in authentic and ethical ways is possibly the most powerful determinant of who thrives-–our impact on others is inseparable from the quality of our leadership. This is the essence of emotional intelligence, and developing it is the primary purpose of this course.


To improve impact, the starting point is to look more deeply at how human beings communicate, particularly at the reactive and largely unconscious elements which underlie virtually all interpersonal problems. Reducing the natural tendency to behave reactively enables rapid advances in capabilities that underpin all relationships, such as influence, empathy and self-leadership, as well as in other important leadership qualities, such as creativity.

Effective development of emotional capabilities of this nature requires a shift in mindset. To address this, the methodology adopted for this course focuses on inside-out change by getting people to explore their attitudes, beliefs and values. However, the integration of new behaviours arising at this level usually requires spaced repetition, and is therefore unlikely to be fully be achieved in a 1 or 2-day workshop alone. To address this, a 3-month follow-up programme is also included. This is made up of 12 lessons, each one reviewing a specific aspect of content from the workshop and including some simple exercises to aid integration of the recommended changes.


As participants’ emotional intelligence increases, the following specific benefits can be expected:

  • Better communication skills – arising from improvements in rapport and trust
  • More robust, collaborative and empathetic relationships, which reduces conflict and improves teamwork
  • Enhanced coaching skills
  • Greater flexibility, creativity and vision
  • More effective learning
  • Greater comfort with accountability and enhanced responsiveness to change
  • Improved health, satisfaction and happiness (due to lower stress levels). 

Overall, this course can foster dramatic increases in participants’ understanding of themselves and others. It is highly beneficial for staff members at any level in a business, not only leaders, and can be tailored accordingly. It is particularly valuable for the way in which it can significantly improve resilience and ability to handle difficult situations.

Available in 2-day, 1-day or 1/2-day Formats, with 3-month Integration Programme