Professional Coaching

Michael’s work is built around one central philosophy: that everybody has far more potential than they have demonstrated to date.

Emotional Intelligence

Senior Execs undertaking a period of one to one coaching with Michael benefit from his deep understanding and experience of Emotional Intelligence, leadership, decision making and wellbeing.  His mindset is leading edge and can be life challenging, and his ideas and approach often leading to transformational change for those willing to push themselves.


Michael recognises the individuality of every person and situation, and his approach is tailored accordingly. He never assumes that he already knows what is needed. He is focused directly on delivering practical outcomes that his clients can implement quickly and to maximum benefit. This includes helping them to overcome the so called “knowing-doing gap” – one of the most overlooked areas of personal development whereby people fail to put into practice what they already know, even when they recognise it would benefit them to do so.


Perhaps the most important element of any coaching relationship is trust. Without it, few people are willing to look at and explore their assumptions about themselves and others, and progress will, at best, be limited. Michael is able to build this trust because of the empathy he feels from having experienced the challenges and spent many years on his own personal development. He’s held senior, high profile, stressful jobs, including unforgiving military ops roles where it could literally be someone’s life on the line if something went wrong. And he has faced his insecurities, done the work, and dealt with, then healed, his pain.


The best coaching engagements avoid creating dependency. Michael is committed to facilitating growth in such a way that the leaders he works with can use everything they learn without ongoing support.

“Michael, thank you for the speed with which our work together helped me. It enabled me to understand both the barriers that were preventing me from developing optimum relationships and the extent to which my own pre-conceptions were preventing me from embracing new and different experiences. The rewards are evident in both my professional and personal life.”

Michelle Burton

HR Director, Poundland

“Michael has been my coach over the last 2 years during which time I have made the greatest personal shift of my career in terms of self-awareness. This has enabled me to be significantly more effective both professionally and personally and to feel for the first time really clear about my goals and aspirations.”

Sue Round

Head of Learning and Development, Sainsbury’s

“Michael has a great track record as an executive coach at Sainsbury’s, where I met him, supporting many colleagues over the years. He has been a true support and inspiration to me, always providing thought provoking perspectives that have stretched me to reconsider and reframe business and leadership challenges. His approach encourages application of new techniques and solutions that can make an immediate difference.”

Rhian Bartlett

Commercial Director, Screwfix

“At the time I sought coaching from Michael I had been pushing myself very hard and felt that I was close to burn-out. My initial goals were to gain greater balance in my life and promotion in my business, but what I actually got was of far more value. I have understood the importance of self-awareness, I’m much calmer and at ease, and have a layer of confidence that was not there before. I would definitely recommend working with Michael – anyone could benefit.”

Matthew Dokelman

Director, Baringa Partners

“As a coach Michael has helped me reframe the purpose of my life, set goals in areas of my life that were lacking and over the last nearly four years that we have been working together I have been able to tick each goal off. I now know, through Michael’s ideas, suggestions and coaching, how to pull myself out of a negative situation and recreate it to help me positively step into the future. What a gift.”

Camilla Aitchison

Head of Business Relations, HSBC Bank Europe

“Michael has great insight on how to look deep inside yourself and draw out attributes that you didn’t realise you had. I have worked with a number of business coaches and attended many leadership development training modules throughout my career and I have not found anyone who is able to deliver the results that I have experienced and seen him develop in others he has worked with. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Michael.”

Lynne Mills

Director – Customer Experience, The Institute of Customer Service

“Michael supported me as both my business and life coach for over a year. Before this work I was very self-critical and had managed my career to ensure I was always in a comfort zone where I could under promise and over deliver to ensure performance. The confidence and self-belief I now have in my day to day work enabled me to secure promotion within my first year working for a FTSE 100. Michael’s influence has become intrinsic to my work and home life and I find myself applying the insights that he has guided me to on a daily basis.”

Matt Birch

Trading Executive, Central England Co-operative

“Michael made a significant and positive impact to my personal development, assisting me to review my way of thinking and helping me to develop a more effective leadership style, thus enabling me to achieve a higher level of professional success. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would be very surprised if anyone working with him did not find his input and consultancy going well beyond their expectations.”

Tom Martin

CEO, Martins Properties

“Michael has had an extremely positive, permanent and radical influence on the way I think and behave, in both work and personal environments. He is someone whom I now consider as a friend. As a coach, he gained my trust quickly, was able to pinpoint the key changes that I could make that would have the biggest impact on my leadership style, and helped me make those changes through challenge and support. A true leadership coach.”

Kevin Barrett

Group Development Director, Howdens Joinery Co